Dog bandana - Red Plaid Classic

$16.99 CAD

Introducing the two in one fast dry bandana. For days at the beach, walks through the forest or even dressing up for fun events, this bandana is guaranteed to spark a conversation!  


Small bandana

25in length x 6in depth

63cm length x 15cm depth

Westie, Pug, Puppy, Chubby cats

Medium bandana

28in length x 7in depth

71cm length x 18cm depth

French Bulldog, Beagle, Boxer, Human 

Large bandana

34in length x 9.5 depth

86cm length x 24cm depth 

Golden, Bull Mastiff, St Bernard, Great Dane

  • Easy tie capabilities.
  • Extra material added for tieing bandana.
  • Made from durable/fast drying polyester fabric.
  • Reversible pattern to keep things fresh and fun.
  • High-quality bcuddly logo on both sides of bandana.
  • Simply roll the bandana to adjust the hanging depth.
  • Handwash in cold water and air dry.
    Your pooch deserves to bcuddly.

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